perfect peel experience


I wanted to give you a more detailed account through extracts from my skincare diary that I updated daily throughout my experience of the perfect peel. Here it is. Enjoy!


Day 1

My peel was applied in clinic. It was a little stingy and hot but lasted no longer than around 30 seconds…was I done? Well it sure is quick. Directly afterwards I was a lovely shade of pink but had no irritation and I agreed to follow the protocol and stay make up free. All I have to do is to not touch my face and use only my vitamin A swab (given to me after my peel) before bed. Simple!


Day 2

It’s early, I’m tired and grumpy until I look in the mirror… I look surprisingly fresh, no peeling as of yet! My skin feels tight but not uncomfortable and if I’m honest I quite like the feeling of youth!


Day 3

The peeling has begun…As predicted my face is beginning to shed. It’s not uncomfortable or painful but it certainly doesn’t look a treat! I think I will be in hiding this weekend! Chick flick, check! one large tub of Ben and Jerry’s, check! Endless supply of trashy magazines, check! Looks like I’m all set.


Day 4

My face is now well into its shedding cycle! I woke up this morning to some serious shedding action and well let’s just say it’s a good job I live alone! It would take a very understanding partner to wake up to this raisin face! All in the name of beauty I tell myself…


Day 5

I’m now a rather bright shade of fuschia. Pink never was my color but although it looks incredibly sore, the only discomfort is the tightness. As you can imagine, however, for someone who feels like their face is falling south, this is a welcomed side effect. As for the peeling, I have less than on day 4 but still too much to apply makeup, another duvet day anyone?

Day 6

And finally the day I’ve been waiting for. No more shedding, no more peeling, no more dry, crusty flakes. I feel normal again! In fact I feel fantastic. My skin feels smooth, I can instantly see a difference in my complexion. I’m still rosy around the cheeks so I'll avoid makeup again. My post peel moisturizer is by my side and my best friend is my lip balm. With regular application of both, my skin feels great. Ready to face the world again with a cleaner complexion and young skin. 


The verdict

Ok so it’s not all plain sailing, and it’s certainly not for everyone. You need to give yourself at least 7 days make up free downtime, and put your social life on hold for the week. Dating is certainly out of the question and any public events should be avoided. But is it worth it? Look at my before and after pictures and I’ll let you decide

Five Botox Myths


Botox is a popular treatment for a variety of reasons, but there are still a few misconceptions about what it does and doesn’t do, and who are the best candidates for use. Only you and your 'practioner-of-choice' will know if Botox is a good idea for you — but before you get to that step, we can help dispel some of the myths out there!




The best time for Botox is when the lines appear


If you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run. 

“Botox is being used more and more frequently by people trying to do preventative treatments. Waiting until lines become etched into the skin means it's much more difficult to smooth their appearance again. Botox is often used for lines and wrinkles formed by muscle movements like scowling, squinting, and raising eyebrows." explains Louise. "Often by starting Botox preventatively, muscles can actually learn to not make certain faces and expressions that contribute to worsening of facial lines. By not making certain expressions in the future, or through making certain expressions less often, you may actually need less Botox throughout later life and require less treatment."



If you stop treatment, it will make your wrinkles worse


No. They'll just go back to the way they were before . Botox will prevent your wrinkles from worsening while you keep up with your treatments. If you decide to stop treatment, the effect of Botox will dissapate and skin naturally returns to the normal development of wrinkles with movement. Botox results are not permanent. Results last typically three to four months. Regular injections at specified intervals over time, can result in longer effects of the treatment resulting in less treatment.

Botox treatment has been developed to positively effect the contours of the face. Lack of treatment simply means a return to your otherwise natural facial look. 



You're never too young for Botox you know?


Age may be just a number as you get older, but if you are a teenager your doctor will probably tell you that you are not ready for cosmetic use. Botox is ideally used for lines that remain after constant muscle movement. At 18, you are very unlikely to have residual lines after movement. I would recommend waiting some years before beginning Botox. You'll not have lost anything by waiting.

"The truth is that we all develop and mature in different ways, at different speeds. Some of us suffer worry lines  and wrinkles early and it is manageable but we certainly wouldn't treat under the age of 18 and I operate a consultation period so that customers are protected through a series of physcological staging" explains Louise.




Botox is just for controlling wrinkles


Botox is not just cosmetic — far from it! Botox injections have been used to treat migraines by reducing muscle tension and creating less strain on the nervous system. Botox can also be used to temporarily block sweat glands to stop excessive sweating. 



Botox is treatment only women receive


Every year it seems like more and more men are getting Botox as gifts, and it's not necessarily the older men. We're seeing a lot of men who are having Botox treatment as early as their 30s. The average client usually isn’t the stereotypical guy who really cares about grooming and how he looks, precisely, and we’re not just seeing guys who have been nudged by their lady friends, either. Some get Botox to find a lady friend!  Wrinkles can sometimes make men appear angry and older?


Botox can help soften up this look to just give a more approachable appearance, helping men gain confidence. Who knew Botox could be such a fantastic wingman!

A New Look


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